To avoid disappointment contact the group organiser before turning up in case there is any booking system in place


Destiny International Christian Assembly 

Destiny Church are a lively, Bible based church where you will be assured of a warm welcome. The Church normally meet 10.30-1.30 on a Sunday morning. They are continuing to meet via zoom and restricted services are restarting so please contact the pastor before turning up due to a limit on numbers. Destiny website or 07751367199


The Alliance Church, Christian Fellowship 

The church, which is an offshoot to one in WGC, are small gathering but will give you a warm welcome. They meet at 6pm until 7.30pm. They are restarting restricted services so please contact the pastor David before turning up due to a limit on numbers or see their Facebook page

Councillors Surgery 
The local councillors hold a monthly surgery either the first Friday or Saturday of the month. On a saturday they are held in the coffee shop.
Cllr Lin Martin-Haugh 01438 351467 email
Cllr Simon Speller 01438 239459 email
Cllr Jeannette Thomas 01438 721258 email
You are warmly welcome to join other local residents in Pin Green to have your say on issues that affect you. The group is led by Pin Green Residents Association and local councillors also attend.
The group meets  on the last Thursday of the month from 6.30-8.00pm. Refreshments available.
Sadly our Chiropodist Gary Webb MChS, has decided not to continue with clinics at any community centre, so to contact him directly please visit website