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GEMMS is a small local charity based in Stevenage in Hertfordshire. We offer respite care for people with dementia or memory problems at the Centre on a Tuesday 10-1.30pm & Friday 10am to 2pm.

The objective of GEMMS is to provide socialization and mental stimulation for people who have dementia or memory problems to help keep them in the community for as long as possible, engaging with other people and to provide career's with some respite.

At GEMMS we collect our members from their homes and take them to a local community Centre. GEMMS provide mental stimulation to our members with a number of activities including reminiscence, quizzes, dominoes, crafts, gentle exercise and bingo. All the activities are focused on keeping our members minds active and are specifically tailored for people with dementia or memory problems.

GEMMS provides each member with a hot meal at lunch time, before transporting them back to their homes.

Who can join GEMMS

Anyone of any age can join GEMMS.

How to join GEMMS

If you are a person with dementia or memory problems who is interested in joining GEMMS or a carer, please complete the form on the contact us page and our Coordinator will get in touch as soon as possible.

You or the person you care for are invited to attend GEMMS on any of our club days to see what we do and join in, to see if you enjoy it!


Volunteering provides you with a wealth of benefits including meeting new people and learning new skills. By volunteering with us you will gain a greater understanding of dementia and how it affects people, not only for those who have dementia but also their wider links with friends and family.

We are always looking for volunteers with an interest in helping people and supporting people with dementia – we are incredibly grateful to all our volunteers at GEMMS, as without them we could not continue to run.

If you are able to spare GEMMS a Tuesday or Friday morning please get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you!

For further information about GEMMS visit their website

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